About Us

We love all furry beings!
Apart from being Pet parents ourselves, we have also been long term volunteers in animal shelter environments, along with rescuing and rehoming dogs and cats independently. So it goes without saying that we come from a place of pure love for our animal friends.
When our pet Joey, came into our lives, rescued from the streets, with a lot of anxiety that stayed long after his recovery from the physical injury, we struggled to find boarding options for him. Joey changed the course of our lives, making us plunge head on into the world of comfortable and safe staying options for pets, while their humans are away.
For us, safety of our furry friends is paramount. We chase the absolute highest standards of safety in everything we do, and that is why Play has been designed  with the intention of providing a safe and comfortable staying experience for our favourite canines and felines.

Our Promise

We always put your pet first.
We treat all our guests as if they were our own.
This is more than just any service because we know it’s about caring for a member of your family.
So, we assure you, you can go on that holiday knowing they are in great hands.

About the facility

Play is a premium pet stay facility for dogs and cats, located in the North part of Bangalore, a 5km drive from the MVIT intersection on the way to the Bangalore Airport. The facility has been designed keeping the animals in mind, with attention to the finer
details, that most often get overlooked.
The dogs have individual and spacious kennels, independent runs, a cage free play park, and 24/7 attention from the Play staff.
The cats get their own side of the facility, aptly named Purramid, from where they can rule us human slaves, away from pesky dogs (their words, not ours).  Like we said, safety is everything to us, and so the entire facility has multiple gates with CCTV cameras, so there is no room for error, to the best of our abilities.


Ms. Sudha Narayan (Founder CARE)

What a beautiful place! built with so much love and fine attention to detail. Loved everything about it, specially the Cat space. Its just what cats need. A home away from home. And CARE is always with you ... Lots and lots of love and good luck.


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